With studies revealing that longer sleep duration, better sleep quality and greater sleep consistency improves academic performance, sleep products have become a necessity for students after their daily activities.

Mouka Limited, a beacon in the sleep products industry have been taking giant strides to ensure that parents and students all across Nigeria are getting all as much educational support as possible.

Another research also shows that students who sleep well are more ‘likely to develop innovative ways of solving complex issues mathematically than those with sleep deprivation’.

Based on these research works and many more, which have made the Nigeria Society of Physiotherapy encourage students to prioritize quality sleep, Mouka has continued to manufacture products to aid this cause.

Furthermore, as part of the company’s 5th CSR pillar called “Skills For Life”, Mouka birthed the Award for excellence initiative in 2020 to recognise and promote academic excellence while advocating the role of quality sleep in the equation.

To this end, Mouka recognised and rewarded the best graduating students from all faculties of the Nile University of Nigeria, Abuja, with cash grants at the school’s convocation ceremony held recently.

Earlier this year also, Mouka rewarded its Business Partners with over N111,000,000 worth of scholarships, high-end laptops and educational materials for their children. In addition, 15 junior staff of Mouka went home with scholarships to the tune of N5,000,000 as an act of goodwill from the company.

Mouka has not relented in its bid to promote academic excellence while advocating the role of quality sleep, as they have now partnered with the organizers of the Total School Support Seminar/Exhibition (TOSSE) which is Africa’s biggest education show to continue to support the education community in Nigeria.

Mouka Limited is one organization whose impact has been felt even outside its own industry, into the education sector.