NewGlobe was founded in 2007 and opened its first station in Kenya in 2009, opening community schools in the majority of Kenya’s counties, and becoming recognized globally for the Bridge International Academies model.

In 2015, NewGlobe expanded its community school Bridge programming into new territories – Uganda and Nigeria.

NewGlobe Education has been on a journey from proof-of-concept community school programs, to participating in national multi-partner public-private partnerships, acting as technical service delivery partners to statewide programs at scale, and ultimately supporting national government transformation programs.

NewGlobe has supported urgent education transformation for well over a decade. Its broad portfolio of programmes span Africa and Asia. Its model provides a turnkey end to end solution using cloud based technology and advanced pedagogical research that drives rapid improvements across entire education systems, dramatically improving learning outcomes for all students.

A decade of national exam results; independent studies and randomized control trials have proven the efficacy of an approach focussed on improving the development path of communities, states and nations.

NewGlobe has been keen on transforming education systems in Nigeria and have made giant strides in transforming community education across some Nigerian states.

NewGlobe’s achievements in Nigeria

  • In 2017, NewGlobe began a four-year pilot program with the Borno state government; supporting education for internationally displaced persons; and out-of-school children.
  • In 2018, NewGlobe started working at a statewide level in Nigeria; as the only technical partner to EdoBEST, a full-scale government transformation program in Edo State.
  • In 2019, following the transformational success of its inaugural statewide program EdoBEST, NewGlobe took on a second statewide level partnership in Nigeria, supporting the Lagos State Government’s EKOEXCEL program.
  • In 2022, NewGlobe added support of an additional Nigerian statewide transformation program to its portfolio, the KwaraLEARN program in Kwara State.
  • The UK’s Department for International Development (DFID)  contracted NewGlobe—as part of the Developing Effective Private Education Nigeria (DEEPEN) programme—to open new community schools in Lagos and help address the shortage of quality education provision in the area for low income families.

To further deepen its work in the Nigerian education system, NewGlobe are partnering with the organizer’s of Africa’s biggest education sector, TOSSE to showcase its mission in Nigeria.