We all desire to see consistent, strategic improvement in our Alma mater, so as to keep the banner of our alma mater flying higher than ever. This is why we are encouraging old school students of legacy schools in Nigeria to make a definite impact in improving the educational infrastructures as well as personnel development in their alma mater.

The gift of education was once given to us all, now it’s time to give back to our alma mater, to strengthen it, reinvigorate it so that more children can be educated and more success stories can be created.

This is our reason for believing that old students of legacy schools in Nigeria can help to restore the glimmer and hope that their alma mater once was to students, so as to contribute to the improvement of  quality education in their alma mater and to also inspire the current crop of learners that quality education matters.

The Total School Support Seminar and Exhibition (TOSSE) presents an opportunity for old students to make their impact felt in their respective Alma mater. TOSSE is an educational event that has produced amazing results in teacher trainings through extensive educational seminars and workshops which has greatly improved the quality of teaching personnel in the educational sector of the country.

TOSSE is also the biggest education event in Africa, with an impressive attendance of 7000 guests and exhibitors from all over the world in TOSSE 2019. It is a worthwhile event where parents, teachers, students, NGOs and educational facilitators meet to grow, network and advertise their schools.

The TOSSE 2020 promises to be even better with several insightful programmes like: Teachers Leadership Seminars, IT training for teachers and three Master class teacher training sessions which would imbue and certify teachers with the knowledge they need to compete favourable with their counterparts’ home and abroad.

This is a window of opportunity for old students to actively support and sponsor teachers of their old school to acquire modern teaching knowledge and leadership skills in TOSSE 2020 Master class sessions, which is focused on training millennial teachers who would make education in Nigeria, a revered profession.

There are several other advantages of supporting and sponsoring teachers of your alma mater to TOSSE 2020, aside from knowledge acquisition, attendance at TOSSE event places schools on the educational map of Nigeria, so they can create networks that would help the school grow and develop in the educational sphere of Nigeria.

Make your Alma mater proud again by supporting and sponsoring your old school’s teachers and educators to ensure that the future of your alma mater remains bright.