DEFINITION OF TERMS: In these regulations, the term ‘Exhibitor’ means any company, firm or person who has applied for and been allotted space in the exhibition hall. The term ‘Exhibition’ refers to the event “Total School Support Seminar/Exhibition and where the term ‘Organiser’ appears, it refers solely to Edumark Consult.

1.  ACCEPTANCE OF CONTRACT: The Exhibitor must sign a Contract, the Terms and Conditions of which are indicated in this document and are binding. The Exhibitor must sign the section Exhibitor’s Signature and return a copy to Edumark Consult via email or post-mail service as a convenience.

2. ALLOCATION OF SPACE: Space bookings will be allocated on a “first-come, first-served” basis. The Organiser reserves the right to refuse or withdraw an acceptance of the contract or make changes to reserved space if required for the best interests of the exhibition, subject to the exhibitor’s notification and agreement.

3. SPACE NOT OCCUPIED: Every Exhibitor must occupy the space allocated by the show opening time on the first day of the Exhibition. In the event of an Exhibitor failing to exhibit, the Organiser reserves the right to deal suitably with any space not occupied.

4. PROHIBITION OF TRANSFER: Exhibitors may not assign, sublet, or grant licenses in respect of the whole, or any part of the space allocated to them, nor may the exhibitor distribute materials or advertise firms who are not bona fide Exhibitors from any stand. This does not apply to firms being associated with, subsidiaries, agents or principals of the Exhibitor, which are duly stated at the time of booking, subject to the discretion of the Organiser.


5. DURATION OF EXHIBITION: Details of the Exhibition’s opening hours will be sent upon confirmation of payment and also available in the organiser’s introduction letter. During these times, stands must be manned by the Exhibitor’s Staff.

6. EXHIBITORS INSURANCE: Although all reasonable precautions will be taken, the Organiser is not responsible for the safety of any exhibit or other property of the Exhibitor or other person, or the loss, damage or destruction by theft, fire damage or injury sustained by an Exhibitor or other person. This is whether because of any default in the Exhibition building caused by fire, storm, tempest, lightning, explosion, national emergency, war, labour disputes, strikes, lock-outs, civil disturbances, inevitable accident, force majeure or for any other cause not within the Control of the Organiser whether of the same kind or not. No responsibility can be accepted for any consequences or prevention postponement or abandonment of the Exhibition. Exhibitors should secure their insurance to cover all liabilities and risks.


  • In the event that the Exhibitor wishes to withdraw from this agreement in the period not less than two (2) months prior to the Exhibition, the organiser in its absolute discretion and not until a date after the close of the Exhibition will refund up to (but no more than) 50% of the total amount paid to the date of cancellation provided that the Exhibitor is not in breach of any of the Terms.
  • In the event that the Exhibitor wishes to withdraw from the exhibition in the period not less than one (1) month prior to the Exhibition, the company will refund up to (but no more than) 30% of the total amount paid to the date of cancellation provided that the Exhibitor is not in breach of any of the Terms.
  • In the event that the Exhibitor wishes to withdraw from the exhibition in the period not less than five (5) working days prior to the Exhibition, the company will not refund any amount paid up to the date of cancellation.

1. EXHIBITING COMPANY’S REPRESENTATIVE. There are maximum numbers of personnel that can man each booth or table space. Not more than 3-4 representatives are allowed for a booth and 2 representatives for a table. Each exhibitor will have a printed exhibitor badge available at the exhibitor registration area at the exhibitor’s help desk.

2. UNPROFESSIONAL CONDUCT: Tampering with another exhibitor’s stand or equipment will not be tolerated. The offender will be immediately removed from the exhibit floor (at the exhibitor’s own expense) and will be restricted from future participation.

3. STAND APPEARANCE: Although, nameplates and table tags will be provided for all booths and table categories. Exhibitors who wish to construct their stand must note that all stands, regardless of size, must have display material, signs, etc. professionally produced. Any display deemed unprofessional in appearance (at the discretion of show management) will not be permitted. All stands must conform to stand construction and height regulations and meet the contract conditions.

4. RIGGING. Banners may only be rigged above the space that the exhibitor occupies unless a sponsor banner has been arranged via the Organiser. Banners must be rigged over the contracted stand space only. It must be flame resistant.

5. SPECIAL EFFECTS & LIGHTING: Lighting is considered as part of the Stand structure and therefore conforms to the above regulations.

6. DANGEROUS MATERIALS: The following are excluded from the Exhibition; explosives, detonating or fulminating compounds, and all dangerous or harmful substances, including primings, fireworks etc. Primings, fireworks, matches and similar objects can only be exhibited in the form of imitations, and on the condition that they contain no inflammable matter. The Organiser reserves the right to remove any goods or services on display that it deems inappropriate to exhibit.

7. STAND DEMONSTRATIONS: Exhibitors’ wishing to include demonstrations, presentations, drawings, or crowd-gathering activities of any type must confine such activities within their specific stand space. Stand sound volume and lighting shall not interfere with the operation of the neighbouring stand or the event activities.

8. STAND ACTIVITIES: Stand activities, costumes, or presentations that are undignified or tasteless are prohibited. Exhibitors violating these rules will be given a single official warning. If the violation continues, severe and appropriate action will be taken. The Organiser has the sole and complete authority in the interpretation of this policy.

9. HANDBILLS & PROMOTIONAL DISTRIBUTION. Handbills, literature, samples, or other promotional material may only be handed out upon confirmation as an exhibitor or individual who has made payment for handbill distribution. Canvassing in the exhibit halls, and distributing advertising material or souvenirs by non-exhibiting companies is strictly prohibited. The offender will be escorted off the property by Education show security. Personnel recruiting in any form is not permitted. The offender will be escorted off the property by the Education show security. If the exhibiting company continues in violating this rule appropriate action will be taken.

10. EXHIBITOR CODE OF CONDUCT: Edumark Consult considers any demonstrations and presentations that occur in the public areas of a stand to be open to any show attendee. If an attendee is from a competitor company they are expected to conduct themselves in the following manner: Not to interfere with any public demonstration or presentation; Limit questions to one or two or ask questions off-line; Not to ask questions that are embarrassing, or disruptive, or of a sensitive nature; Not to engage in inappropriate, disruptive, or unprofessional behaviour; Not to stand in the front of a demonstration or presentation to block the view or interaction of others; To leave if the stand or demonstration area becomes crowded. Requests for an attendee to leave if they violate the above code of conduct must be handled in a professional, non-disruptive manner and reported to the attendee’s company representative at the show.

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